Sakti Mica Manufacturing Co.

Fabricated Mica

We are reckoned for the manufacturing of Fabricated Mica, which we are offering in a wide range. The Fabricated Mica made from mica blocks, mica thin, and condenser mica. We also provide customized products as per the specifications provided by the clients.


  • Can be cut or punched in specified size, thickness, design or pattern as per provided specification and drawings
  • Close dimensional tolerance for electrical and electronic end uses
  • Fabrication is made by using foot or power presses with the help of compound die
  • Made from natural mica
  • Can also be bonded into considerable length by shellac or epoxy resin
  • Washers made from mica paper boards
  • Suitable for furnace, resistors and electrical equipment


  • Mica Round Discs : Used in liquid level indicators, communication devices, fuses etc.
  • Mica Condenser Plates : Use as electrode in mica capacitor, Mica transistors parts use in power transistors and diodes as heat sinks, Mica Shields for joint in gauge glass, etc.
  • Mica Heating Elements : Used as an electrical insulation in irons, toasters, kettle, rice cooker, hair drier etc.
  • Window Mica : Use as a thermal insulation and transparency, in kerosene stoves, petromax lamps, furnaces
  • Wrapper Mica : Use in wrapping the heating elements of soldering iron
  • Mica Strainer Core with 22 to 93 Holes : Use as strainers in brass, bronze, aluminum sand castings
  • Trimmer Mica & Backing Mica : Used in both sides of silver mica