Sakti Mica Manufacturing Co.

Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet

Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet is a strong rigid sheet material consists of Fibre Glass Cloth and Epoxy Resin as a binder cured under specific heat and pressure. Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet has excellent physical strength, heat resistance, moisture resistance and electrical properties. EBFG based material can be used at temperatures up to 140-160oC.

Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet is suitable for heating element supports, winding cards and cover plate insulation in domestic appliances, industrial heating elements, high temperature washers, etc. These are some of the typical high temperature applications in furnace, tanks and lab equipment, etching equipment, flame retardant sheet, we also offer customization as per the specifications by our clients to fulfill their needs and requirements.

Available Size

  • 1000 mm x 1000 mm
  • 1200 mm x 1200 mm
  • 2400 mm x 1200 mm

Thickness : 0.5 mm 50.0 mm