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We Manufacture and Export wide range of products that includes Glass Mica Polyester Tape, Glass Mica Tape, Glass Mica Glass Sheet, Fabricated Mica, Polyester Mica Polyester Sheet, Heat Resistance Mica Sheet, Mica Paper Sheet and Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet. The products that we are offering also consist of Fabricated Mica Glass, mica tape for cable, Glass mica glass tape, Polyester Glass mica polyester tape, Mica Paper Board and Epoxy Bonded Fiber Glass Products and many more. Our products are widely in demand in numerous industrial applications thus much admired among the clients.

We also Manufacture as Mention Below :

  • Mica Splittings Base Products
    • Glass mica tape & sheet, “f” & “h” class.
    • Glass mica glass tape & sheet, “f” & “h” class.
    • Polyester mica tape & sheet, “f” class.
    • Polyester mica polyester tape & sheet “f” class.
    • Glass mica polyester tape & sheet, “f” class.
    • H. R. M. disc up to 70’dia for magnet coil.
    • Hot moulding micanite sheet.
    • Mica tube.
  • Mica Paper Base Products
    • Polyester mica tape for conductor insulation.
    • Resin rich epoxy mica paper tape “h” class.
    • Nomex mica paper wrapper “h” class.
    • Kepton mica paper polyester tape “h” class.
    • Resin poor glass mica paper tape.
  • Fibre Glass Products
    • Fibre glass hard sheet epoxy & polyester base.
    • Fibre glass rod & tube (including operating rod).
    • Fibre glass wedges etc.
  • Pure Mica Products
    • All types of natural mica blocks.
    • All types natural mica splittings.

Mica Shields

Mica shields are best used for flat transparent, sight glasses in water and liquid level gauges and columns in high pressure steam boiler as it can retain basic strength and increase the service life of sight glasses when used at increased steam pressures and high working read more...

Mica Disc

Mica Discs are made from Ruby mica and it is good transparent without scratches, waviness and bubbles. We have been manufacturing large quantities mica disc for use different types Boiler Watch Window, in various sizes and thickness as per buyer's specification.


Mica Tube

Mica Tube Contains Best Quality Muscovite Or Phlogopite Mica Paper Impregnated With High Temperature Silicon Resin As Well As Made By Natural Mica Splitting Bonded By Shellac Resin Under Specific Pressure And Heat, Use In Electrical Arc Furnace, Electric Motors, Electric Appliance, Resistors,Dbr read more...


Sakti Mica Manufacturing Co. is a reliable Manufacturer & Exporter of PGMP Tape. We deal in high quality Polyester Glass Mica Polyester Tape (PGMP), the specifications of which can be found below.

This specification laysdown requirements of Polyester Glass

Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet

Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet is a strong rigid sheet material consists of Fibre Glass Cloth and Epoxy Resin as a binder cured under specific heat and pressure. Epoxy Bonded Fiberglass Sheet has excellent physical strength, heat resistance, moisture resistance and electrical properties. EBFG based material read more...

Fiber Glass Discharge Rod

We are offering a wide range of operating & discharge rod made by Fiberglass tubes and have string electricaland mechanical strength .


These are light weight so, naturally convenient to handle easily, when electric utility workers engaged on live-line read more...